Business Analysis Services

There are a lot of potentially winning ideas our customers suggest and share when reaching out to us. Surely, we are happy to hear them all but to make sure the idea actually comes with winning potential, you need business analysis services we are proficient in as well. Ready for a fresh look? Contact us for ultimate BA services now!

Business Analysis Services

Business Analysis in a Nutshell

Despite the seeming simplicity of business analysis services, they go beyond analysis only. Business analysis stands for the development of a complete vision of how a certain idea can fit the market, user demands, the expectations of stakeholders, and most importantly - the future users. It also finds the answer to the question of whether a certain suggestion will actually benefit your company and whether it would be technically feasible and financially reasonable to implement it.

Analyzing your business before making a move toward software development or a certain business process optimization is key to following the LEAN methodology and creating the solutions validated in advance.

When Do You Need Business Analysis

Long story short, you need business analysis services each time you would like to improve a certain business process by creating a dedicated software solution for this purpose. You also need it when you have a completely new idea but want to make sure that it will work for your business, and it is technically possible to embed it.

The business analysis services make even more sense if you plan to enter a highly competitive environment or work in conditions of uncertainty since in these cases, they allow for foreseeing the possible pitfalls and suggesting better strategies for overcoming them.

Why Do You Need Business Analysis

Our custom web application development services let you build a product from scratch. We take care of UI/UX design, programming, testing, and ongoing support and optimization of web-based projects.

Save money


Software testing and QA

Take a
fresh look

Reach a wider audience

the gap

Project management

in advance

Ongoing support and maintenance

the risks

  • Save money

Business analysis is one of the LEAN software development pillars. It allows you to invest in those processes and solutions that are actually able to drive your business growth, being backed up by ultimate research, business data, and statistics.

  • Take a fresh look

Business owners are sometimes prone to turn a blind eye to some processes, under- or overestimating the current landscape and business development projections. Business analysis services help you get a complete and unbiased picture to develop the best strategy possible.

  • Bridge the gap

A business analyst works as connecting links between the stakeholders and technical specialists, bridging the gap between business and IT, ensuring clear communication, and staying on the same page with both of the parties.

  • Validate in advance

Market and competitor research is an essential part of the business analysis services. This step allows for making sure the future solution will meet the demands of the users and be accepted by the target market.

  • Define the risks

One of the goals of the business analysis services is to define the possible risks, develop optimistic, realistic, and pessimistic scenarios, and suggest actionable plans for each of them.

  • Suggest backup plans

Analyzing your business and validating your ideas in advance makes you better protected from possible challenges and fluctuations.

Feel like your business needs these opportunities? Reach out to us for Business Analysis services!

What Does a Business Analyst Do?

01 Communicate with technical specialists and stakeholders

Business Analyst is the top communicator during all the development process. Their responsibilities include taking a fresh and data-driven look at your business, validating your ideas, matching them with your business specifics, and suggesting better technical approaches to make things happen.

02 Gather and clarify your project requirements

Business Analysis serves as a preparatory step before gathering and completing Software Requirements Specifications. The latter are crucial for guiding the project development staying compliant with technical, legal, and business requirements.

03 Align the vision of the executives and tech team.

Successful software projects are perfectly aligned from the very beginning. They have a clear development course, a common vision of the final result, and still have room for changes. Business Analyst promotes staying on the same page at each of the development stages.

Business Analysis Services at IT Master Soft

We, at IT Master Soft, take business analysis seriously, being fully aware of its potential for your business growth and the unlocked opportunities to make the right decisions from the very beginning. We would also be able to help you with your business analysis tasks, suggesting the perfect-fit strategies for your software development and company’s growth. Get in touch with us right now for business analysis help!

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