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The name of the project speaks for itself. Our client has come up with an innovative and noble idea - to create a resource of educational videos (workshops, lectures, master classes, etc). We created a tool in which every user can share skills and pick up some new ones.


Our Customers
  • Dedicated server for reliable video storage
  • Build-in video player
  • Easy-to-use admin panel
  • Multilingual functionality
  • Data loss prevention software
  • Self-rating process integration
  • Copy protection for videos
  • Social networks integration for easy logging in
  • Categories and subcategories of video content
  • Search and filtering services based on language criterion
  • Opportunity of adding videos from Youtube
  • Banner system with space for ads
  • Opportunity to rate and promote videos
  • Detailed statistics on the most popular videos and users
Engineering challenge
Dedicated server integration
  • Our back-end developers found it impossible to realize the task using any existing hosting due to large memory consumption. That is why a solution to create a new dedicated server was made. It became easy and and safe to store a great amount of videos without being afraid to lose data.
Any-extension videos for uploading
IT Master developers faced the problem of adding videos of different extensions. Having worked on this issue they managed to simplify the process of uploading videos. They built a system that converts any videos to appropriate extension making it possible to upload and play.
The main advantages of the resource:
  • user-friendly multilingual interface
  • detailed statistics about the videos and users
  • earning revenue via ads placement and videos rating
  • easy-to-update admin panel
  • LATEST technologies allowing full control of videos – uploading (no matter what the original extension is), publishing and managing
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