Develop the backend for your website or app using scalable technologies. We are a backend app development company with a proven track record and programmers with qualifications in Computer Science and Math.

Hire our backend developers to create:

Backend for your web app

Backend for your web app

Backend for your mobile app

Backend for your mobile app



PHP overview

Build a robust and scalable foundation for your product

Backend represents all technology that powers the front-end side of your website or app. With our backend development services, you will get a scalable, secure, and maintainable backend to power your app with.

Build a feature-rich

Provide value to your users with functionality that allows them to achieve their goals.

Integrate your app with
other systems

Connect your app with CRM, ERP, payment systems, and other tech to offer the best user experience.

Write quality

Write clean code that stands the test of time. Our code satisfies the highest level of code quality by ifSQ.

Protect your app from

Secure the backend of your application by writing code that adheres to security standards.

Develop a scalable

Use microservices to rapidly develop new components and speed up your app development time.

Handle increased

Ensure your backend can handle the workload of multiple concurrent users without performance issues.

Maintain your app

Build readable and well-documented codebase, which is easy to support and maintain.

Grow without

Lay a foundation for a scalable product that can grow together with your business

Good code stands the test of time

Our code satisfies the highest level of code quality (Level 3) defined by the Institute for Software Quality Standards (ifSQ)

01 Easy to maintain and extend

Our team follows SOLID principles to build software that is easy to maintain and extend.

02 No release without testing

We write unit tests to make sure our code works as expected and do code reviews before releasing software.

03 Domain-driven design

Our backend developers follow domain-driven design approach to simplify the development of complex apps.

04 Reliable frameworks

We choose time-tested web development frameworks to build reliable software.

Hire IT Master Soft for backend development

Mature backend technologies for web development

Backend development languages we use include PHP and C#. We also use web development frameworks such as Lara­vel and Node.js to speed up the process and reduce your project budget.

PHP development services


Flexible, cost-effective, integrates with anything, has a ton of libraries built on top of it, PHP is optimal for web development.

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ASP.NET development services


Used for building web apps, mobile backend and IoT apps running on .NET framework or .NET Core.

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Node.js development services


Perfect for building real-time web applications like video conferencing apps, chats and media streaming platforms.

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Laravel development services


Highly accessible and cost-effective, Laravel is the best PHP framework for creating feature-rich web apps.

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Featured projects

Take a look at our web projects with custom backend.

Order packing system for an online store

Order packing system
for an online store

We used Laravel to build a system for an online store that streamlines the process of packing orders before they get shipped to customers. The system integrates with payment systems and shipping services and runs Vue.js on the front-end.

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Safsira: A marketplace that connects buyers and manufacturers

Safsira: A marketplace that connects buyers and manufacturers

Safsira is a project we've helped develop for our client from Israel. Using this website, buyers can order goods from overseas manufacturers.

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What our clients say

Concentration on our customer’s business,their success,and potential these are those distinctive features,which make us truly reliable IT Partners.

Ingrid Hansgaard, Digital Project Manager, B2B Online Services

"We chose IT Master Soft because of their professionalism. Everything, from the first interview to the CVs they sent us was completely in line with what we needed. They understood our challenges and took on board any feedback we had. They were very responsive and good at managing expectations and delivering fast solutions of high quality."

Arturs Eversons, Manager, E-Commerce Platform

"They delivered good work. I like their attitude. Along with having an affordable price, their team works fast."

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