7 fears that prevent your online business from earning more

7 fears that prevent your online business from earning more

It is a well-known fact that remote work in the IT sphere becomes more popular from day to day. Many businesses consider finding outsourcing companies for project implementation. Such companies are focused on professional web development and outsourced web services.

IT Master Soft provides high quality professional services at the highest standards for more than 7 years. From time to time we face the fact that some of our clients hesitate to work with outsourcing companies. We decided to make a survey and find out what fears prevented them from using outsourcing services. The results have shown that there are certain similar prejudices. Let's look more closely at each of them.

7 most common fears and how to overcome them:

1. How can I be sure that my project will be delivered? When businesses work with remote companies, they often worry about product delivery. Cooperation with our company starts from signing contract and NDA. Thanks to face-to-face communication via Skype or other preferred messenger our customers are informed about our workflow and development process.

    2. Who is working on my project?

    Almost all entrepreneurs are eager to know for sure who is accomplishing their tasks. Our customers value the opportunity to talk to developers directly. We always introduce our team to the product owner, so at the end of the day customers know those dedicated professionals, who are ready to solve complicated issues.

    3. How can I manage developers’ performance?

    Product owners are often concerned about the difficulty of controlling remote workers’ performance. To make this process transparent, we are using different tracking tools, e.g. Toggl, DeskTime, TimeDoctor, Teamwork, etc. Due to these tools we can provide reports that show the amount of time spent for every task.

    4. Will the team be available in urgent situations?

    Our managers are always available when needed, willing to resolve any issues related to your project. This is especially important when unexpected issues appear.

    5.I am not a technical specialist, will I be able to use the final product?

    We provide our customers with a detailed manual in written form or in the form of video. Also we instruct them so all our customers feel comfortable using our services.

    6. Will we understand each other?

    If your team doesn’t understand your needs properly, the project is going to fail. Effective communication is the key to resolving many issues. Our company has an ample experience of implementing projects for customers from all over the world providing high grade outsourcing services

    7. Will my product be supported afterwards?

    It is essential for every business to be up-to-date. Without any doubts, developers that worked on your project are the best choice for this purpose. They just know all the details of your product. We are proud that most of our clients trust us so much that they turn to us again with new projects or for expansion of their existing projects.

    Current practice suggests that these fears can be overcome if discuss all workflow in advance. Just find the right company. Pay attention to 2 utterly important things:
    • customers' feedbacks
    • company expertise

    Among hundreds of companies IT Master Soft stands out due to a number of satisfied customers. Our team of experienced developers always use best practices and write clean code. We provide high-quality work, prompt feedback and always follow the agreed timeframe

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