7 fears that prevent you from earning more, when you have business on the Internet

It is a well-known fact that remote work in IT sphere becomes more trustworthy from day to day. Since the Internet offers a great variety of opportunities to look for performers outside your office, executives think more of the possibility of giving away the projects to outsourcing companies.

Our IT Master team have been working with international enterprises for 5 years already. Sometimes our clients have prejudices about outsourcing in general. That is why we have decided to make a survey among our customers in order to clarify what were the most strong fears that prevented them from handing over the project. The results have shown that there exist certain preconceptions that get in the way of people who want to realize their IT projects at a profit.

These are the 7 most widespread fears in a nutshell:

1. How can I be sure that it will work out and my project will be delivered?

When one works with remote companies, they always ponder over the fact of their eventual product delivery. As far as our customers highlight, the work always starts from contract and NDA (on request) signing from both parts. Thanks to face-to-face communication via Skype our customers are free to make sure they understand the workflow and development process.

2. Who is working there on my project?

Almost all the entrepreneurs are eager to know for sure who is that magician who develops his project. According to our customers’ feedbacks, they value the opportunity to be able to see and to speak to the programmer directly. When a whole team of developers is working on the website creation, we always introduce them to the product owner, so that at the end the day the customer knows who was responsible for which task.

3. Can I control hourly pay and issued invoices?

It is a well-known fact that time & material project development method is more fair and cost-effective. However, a lot of product owners concur on the difficulty of controlling remote workers’ performance. In order to make this process more transparent, we started using tracking tools, e.g. Toggl, DeskTime, TimeDoctor, Teamwork, etc. This way we can provide the customer with documents that prove the amount of time spent for the task execution.

4. Will the developers be available in urgent situations?

This is especially important when there occur unexpected technical issues on the website. Our responsive managers are very attentive and can help you find a solution in urgent cases even after project completion.

5.Will I be able to use the final product, if I am not a technician?

Unfortunately, it happens quite often that entrepreneurs are left alone in front of the product after its delivery. In order to avoid such confusing situations, we provide our customers with a detailed manual in written form or in the form of video. On request, we educate them so that as a result they feel comfortable using our system.

6. How will we understand each other?

Consistent communication is the key to solving many problems, let alone it prevents other issues arising. If the performer doesn’t understand the customer’s needs properly, the project is sure to be failed. Fortunately, this problem is alien to our customers, as our multilingual personnel is capable of understanding your IT issues no matter what language (English, German, Spanish, French) it is formulated. It leads to successful project delivery and a mutual sense of accomplishment.

7. Will my product be supported afterwards?

For the website to stay afloat businesswise it is essential to make necessary updates from time to time, i.e. to change a design, to add new functionality and to adjust it to modern trends. No doubt, programmers that have created your website are the best choice in this case. They know all the nuances and details of the product they have delivered. The highest acknowledgment for us is having our customers back with fresh ideas for our cooperation.

Current practice suggests that each of this prejudices is groundless if you have discussed all the workflow details in advance. In this situation choosing the right company is the priority.

In order to select an appropriate company for outsourcing, the following things are utterly important:

  • customers' feedbacks
  • company expertise (better to be proven by portfolio)

Among hundreds of web studios IT Master stands out due to a number of satisfied customers. Our team of experienced web-developers is striving for excellence and upgrading skills constantly. With their qualitative, clean and maintainable code they provide our clients with solutions to challenging and unordinary tasks.

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