3D Rapid Prototyping Services

Do you have a great idea? Is this a product that you plan to sell and, therefore, start a successful business? But the question remains how to create a project, dispel a fear of failure and become confident about own business? Just add the column “Prototype” in the plan.

Did you hear something about rapid prototypes? To begin with, a prototype is an experimental model. It is applied to test ideas, available design expectations and ways to use the product quickly and cheaply. Such a tool lets you making the necessary clarifications and changes in product development. In other words, the prototype permits to:

  • test the idea and/or hypothesis;
  • check how the user will use the product to solve an available problem and  find obstacles along the way;
  • get feedback;
  • reduce the risk of product launch/features.

3D Rapid Prototyping Services   

Sometimes rapid prototyping is trusted to designers. A talented person who is able to create drawings will perfectly cope with this task. Of course, a specialist cannot do without an assistant. An expert responsible for the technical solution of graphical tasks is also required. It is extremely rare for designers to have the skills to create a model. Usually, they only offer options for technical solutions, someone else embodies it.

However, as a rule, 3D prototype printing is a task for the whole team, which should include not only the designer and the manufacturer, but also other specialists. In particular, those who will continue to test the sample and be responsible for the final implementation of the project. So if you don’t want to face possible difficulties, you’d better apply to rapid prototyping services.

This is the best way to see the strengths and weaknesses of your future product. By prototyping, you put your ideas in a tangible shell, which allows you and your team to see and discuss the pros and cons, to hear feedback from the user and to demonstrate the uniqueness to potential investors.

Product Prototyping Services   

Product prototyping services is not a question of a few hours. In fact, a team needs some time to go through the following stages:

  1. The construction of the object;
  2. A model is made using 3D printing;
  3. The finished layout is tested;
  4. If necessary, the product is adjusted and refined to the ideal.
Creating a technical sample is usually necessary when holding an exhibition or before launching a new series of products. The requirements for it are quite high:
  • Accuracy, which is provided by high-quality, performed 3D modeling at a  professional level;
  • Visibility - at the design stage, the visualization function is used;
  • Functionality;
  • Efficiency.
All sorts of graphs, drawings, sketches, and certain technical documentation are used for creating a sample. Usually, сomplete prototype services present a one-time model.

Advantages Of Making A Prototype

Nowadays more and more people decide to enjoy rapid prototyping machining services due to a number of available benefits. It is possible to:
  • Present a physical model of the created product to future customers and  potential investors;   
  • Show the look, dimensions and main features of the project;
  • Check how the market reacts on the product;
  • Save  both money and time by recognizing the available weak points of the project;
  • Improve the product development process;
  • Build several versions with various surface textures, colors and finishing  processes.

Where to order prototyping

Do you want to gain the benefit from mechanical prototyping services as well? Then do not waste time and apply to IT Master right now. It is one of the best companies able to provide you with winning solutions. We work hard to deliver the top-quality engineering prototype services as well as:
  1. The cheap prices for product design;
  2. Full support after filling an application form till the presentation of the prototyping project;
  3. Cooperation with well-educated and attentive experts of 3d  prototyping services who do their best to satisfy your request;
  4. Rapid  presentation of a necessary prototype.
Mind, this is not the whole list of advantages you will be able to enjoy if choose us for app prototyping services. So get in touch with our company to check the best offers for your business.


Prototype manufacturing is a complex process in which, as a rule, a whole team of specialists is involved. This is the way to solve many important tasks, for example, test the object before the project is implemented. In this way, the disadvantages are identified and immediately eliminated. Only after this, the object is launched into serial production, resulting in a quality product. So, 3D rapid prototyping service is a great choice to arrange this process in a proper way. Entrust your ideas to our experienced company and enjoy the final result as soon as possible.    

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