3D Modeling Services

The main task of 3D modeling is to give the most complete picture of the currently non-existent object, the creation of which is planned in the nearest future. The widespread and almost universal use of this technology is due to the necessity to understand what exactly needs to be made, what parameters and characteristics a projected object should have, its design features. Product visualization has several advantages. These are a low cost, a high level of information content, ease of perception. In particular, 3D modeling will cost you much less than similar methods of representing the desired object. If you want to save time and nerves, then consider modeling services.

3D Modeling Services

3Ds Max models can demonstrate in great detail what currently exists only in the form of drawings or just ideas. The perception of such visualization is much simpler than, for example, professionally executed engineering drawings. 3D model creates a bright, memorable and understandable to the customer image. In addition, visualization is fast enough, if necessary, it is possible to make certain adjustments, and even this process does not require special time and additional financial costs.

In addition to the general appearance of the architectural models, the 3D model helps to create an idea of the necessary materials, sizes and other characteristics of the future object. As a rule, the modeling software used to create the visualization has impressive functionality that allows you to configure or change, if necessary, such parameters as the angle, lighting, transparency of objects, a color palette, and much more.

3Ds Max Modeling Services

3DS Max is 3D modeling, animation and rendering software created and developed for games and design visualization. The program is included in the collection of multimedia and entertainment software products offered by Autodesk. Lots of clients are already enjoying the best 3DS Max solutions because of numerous benefits, among which are:
  • Simple data import modeling;
  • Geodesic and Heat Map (Skinning technology);
  • 3D rendering;
  • Improved ActiveShade rendering;
  • Customizable workspaces;
  • 3D modeling, texturing and effects;
  • Modeling mesh and surface;
  • Data Channel Modifier.
Of course, these are not all benefits of the following modeling software. Apply for 3DS Max design services and enjoy the best outcome.

ZBrush Modeling Services

ZBrush 3d models are widely used in various fields of human activity. Car designers and interior designers, sales managers and builders, game creators and doctors resort to it. Visualization capabilities of this design software are practically unlimited and are already integral in many industries. Summarizing all of the above, it can be noted that ZBrush modeling services provides truly amazing opportunities for people. Here are the key features of ZBrush modeling software:
  • Building volumetric virtual ZBrush 3d models;
  • Storage of properties and other parameters of each point;
  • Plug-in support while modeling in ZBrush;
  • Export of product design to other programs;
  • Personalization of control units.
All in all, applying for ZBrush modeling services will help you achieve desired result.

3D Design

The process of modeling for games or any other products includes several important stages. Let’s look closer at them:
  1. Modeling. A three-dimensional geometric model is created without taking into account the physical characteristics. During the process, extrusion, rotation, polygonal modeling techniques or modifiers are used
  2. Texturing. From the selected materials to create the texture of the model depends on how realistic it will look. Modern modeling software provide almost unlimited possibilities for creating a natural picture.
  3. Lighting settings and observation points. Indicators of brightness, sharpness, shadow depth determine the level of realism of the model. You can observe the object from different points, for example, from a height of human growth or a bird's flight.
  4. Rendering. The final stage of architectural design. It means detailing the display settings of a three-dimensional model - adding graphic effects (fog, radiance, etc.).
  5. Post Production. Processing images and videos using the media editors GarageBand, Adobe Photoshop, SoundForge, Imovie, Wavelab, Samplitude, etc. Adding visual effects to attract attention and memorability of architectural models.

Best Designers for 3Ds Max and ZBrush

Appearance of advanced modeling has reached a new level in the field of design and engineering. Having a three-dimensional model of an object, you can change its design, color, size, without spending a lot of time and money. IT Master carries out the entire cycle of work on the development of a 3D object, from its modeling to prototyping. We will fulfill the order in a short time, which will meet even the strongest requirements. Skilled and inspired developers have deep knowledge of 3DS Max fast modeling as well as modeling in ZBrush. All you need to do is just get in touch with our team and order the necessary project. That’s all. You can do other important things while experts are working at your order.

Plenty of clients have already cooperated with us and got the best 3DS Max solutions and ZBrush 3d models. We know how to help you for sure! Don’t hesitate and apply for modeling services right now.

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