3D Modeling for Games

Nowadays 3D modeling becomes an essential part of our life. Is it hard to believe so? Well, 3D modeling is used in a vast number of industries: architecture and industrial design, medical industry, real estate, scientific researches, engineering etc. 3D modeling is also used for entertainment purposes: movies, animation, motion pictures and so on. Besides these areas, one of the most popular industry is 3D for video games.

There is a vast video game market for tablets, smartphones, consoles. To create stand out characters, it is important to understand what the restrictions are and to find real modeling experts. Every game is unique. But it doesn’t matter for what type of game you want to make 3D modeling. Either it’s arcade, adventure, casual games or simulators, professional 3D modelers will find the way to bring your ideas into life. Whether you need to create a human or a pet or even a mythical creature like werewolf or unicorn, advanced 3D game development company will suit your needs.

3D Game Designer Team

3D modeling for animation and games requires creativity and lots of imagination. If you rely on our company you can be sure our work will be of the highest quality possible. IT Master has the most professional 3D modelers that have a sharp attention to details. We use the most accurate 3D modeling software: 3ds Max and Zbrush. These programs include a lot of useful features such as texture painting, animation, rendering tools. We will add colors, textures, and lighting to your 3D models as well as add movement to give life to your characters. Our team will study your ideas and find the best possible way how to make 3D models for your games. If you are not sure what you want exactly, don’t worry. We will help you to clarify everything. After the concept is finalized, 3d modeling for video games or 3d modeling for mobile games can begin.

IT Master 3D Modeling Services:

  • Characters
  • Game Landscape
  • Environment   
  • Vehicles   
  • Weapons   
  • Essentials            
  • Assets

With IT Master artistic approach you will receive one of the best 3d modeling for games. Do you want your character to ride a bike? Do you want a mission in a desert or in jungles? Or maybe you see your character inside of a biker’s house? Trust our experienced modelers and we will create stunning 3D characters for your games!

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