A high-quality 3D object from photos can only be created in a professional program for working with three-dimensional graphics. Using it, you will convert picture to 3D model as quickly as possible. Turning photos into 3D models is used when: drawings of the object are lost or do not exist; it is necessary to create a 3d model of a person; in some other cases when the photographic similarity of the model with the original is necessary.

Reasons to Convert Photo to 3D Model

If you still hesitate whether you need to turn picture into 3D model, then pay attention to these reasons:
  1. Firstly, with the help of 3D-modeling, you can visualize absolutely any object or image to 3D model, both existing in real life and fictional. Thanks to 3D-technology, you can carefully examine it from all sides and angles. Even from the inside. Because of this, it is often used when developing new products or if a flat picture is not enough.
  2. Computer graphics are indispensable for the presentation of future products. Before you start creating it, you must first draw and then convert image to 3D model, based on which a realistic model of the object will be created.
  3. Often, companies involved in construction and design resort to 3D modeling. In this area, almost no one can do without 3D models from photos. This technology also allows you to reconstruct lost buildings and recreate long-standing events or scientific processes that the human eye simply cannot see.
  4. It is worth noting that the capabilities of technology to convert image to 3D are regularly used in the process of creating scientific or business presentations. Computer models allow viewers of the presentation to personally see the future scientific mechanism, product, building, etc.
  5. Converting JPG to 3D model is also a great marketing tool. It can be applied when it is impossible to clearly demonstrate the product or it is still in the process of development. For example, this technology can be involved during the development of a product catalog or its presentation to investors.
  6. Also, 3D-modeling is perfect for visualizing the movements of both objects and people. It is regularly used to demonstrate branded logos and web pages. Many businessmen decide to turn picture into 3D model while designing clubs, various festivals and other events.

Create 3D Model from Photos: Benefits

The Picture to 3D model has its advantages in the following cases:
  1. When there are no product drawings and the only way is to convert photo to 3D model;
  2. There is no way to conduct full-scale measurements of the object;
  3. The internal structure of the object does not matter;
  4. For modeling faces in the development of computer games or animations;
  5. To create virtual tours (restaurants or salons) and to demonstrate the goods of online stores;
  6. The 3D model is printed one-time and its non-quality plays a special role.
In all of the above cases, photos to 3D model are an indispensable tool for quickly and easily creating a model. In addition, modern software can significantly automate the process without loss of accuracy. But before you create a 3D model, you need to make sure, the photo is suitable.

You can look at all the presented examples on the page. Specialists of IT Master create 3D models from photographs the clients provided them with. In case you want to enjoy the same winning result, then get in touch with our team and we will create 3D model from photos you will be satisfied for 100 %.

This is how we make 3D model from photos

2D Image to 3D Model

If you want to get an accurate model of an object, you need to adhere to several rules for shooting an image to 3D model

  1. The subject should always be in focus to generate 3D model from photo successfully. It is best to place it on a moving platform, and the camera is statically fixed at a small distance (if the object is small). This will allow you to rotate the object at a given angle,and it will always be in the center.
  2. If the object is too large and inconvenient to rotate (for example, a machine), you will have to rotate the camera. This greatly complicates the shooting process - in each view, you must strictly maintain the distance to the object, which requires additional calculations. In this case, you can consider other options - call a specialist to take a pictureto 3D model or measurements. It is also worth considering the option of directly taking measurements from an object.
  3. The tripod should be equipped with a “level” for strict positioning of the camera in vertical and horizontal planes.

When creating a three-dimensional model from a photo, at least three shots of the object are necessary: side, front and top. A half-profile image to 3D model will help to make the model more accurate but is not required for inanimate objects. Also, you can consider these simple recommendations:

- It is better to place the object on a plain background;
- Calibration stand (a sheet of paper with marking) will help to improve the accuracy of the model;
- Convert the received images to JPG format;
- All images should have the same height and width;
Images must be sequentially numbered before you convertphoto to 3D model.

How to Make a 3D Model from a Picture

  1. Development of the shape and geometry of the model. That is modeling that does not take into account the physical parameters of the object.
  2. Texturing. How realistic the object will look depends on what material we choose when applying the textures.
  3. Lighting and observation point. This is a very difficult stage when convert image to 3D model. The realism of the appearance of the object depends on how correctly the light is set.
  4. Rendering and visualization. This is the final stage when you want to create 3D model from photos. It is necessary to detail the display settings of the model and add computer effects, for example, nebulae, glare, etc.
  5. Post-processing of the 3D model, adding effects that attract the audience when you generate a 3D model.

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