React.js Interview Questions - How To Make Sure the Candidate Fits Your Project

Asking the right questions and getting the right answers is essential for achieving the perfect project-talent match, so let IT Master Soft help you get better prepared for interviewing your React.js developers.

Posted by IT Master Soft Oct 14 | 2021

Sometimes, asking questions is even more challenging than answering them. This is just the case with hiring tech talents, for example, React.js developers.

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What questions to ask during a React interview?

There are three categories of React.js technical interview questions. They cover the technical expertise of the developer, their previous experience, and expectations towards the future project, along with personal traits to make sure the candidate fits you from all the points of view.

Let’s consider React.js coding interview questions you are welcome to ask your potential tech team members.

React.js interview questions to evaluate technical expertise

"What should I study for a React interview"you may ask? You, as a business owner, are better to study some basic concepts of React.js to be on the same page with the developers you are interviewing. From the technical perspective, React.js is tough but from the practical and business standpoint, the technology and its benefits are understandable enough.

So, let’s start with the simple React js interview questions.

  • What is React.js? This is a tricky question since some resources consider React.js to be a library, while others can call it a framework. According to our technical experience, React. js fits the concept of a Javascript library for building user interfaces, and thus shouldn’t be called a framework.
  • What is virtual DOM? A virtual DOM, or reconciliation, is a concept that allows a virtual prototype of the UI to be kept in memory and synced with a real one using a library.
  • What are the business benefits of virtual DOM? This is one more tricky question, the answer to which will show the understanding of React.js not only from a technical but from a business standpoint since virtual DOM allows for creating more performant apps.

And here are the React.js interview questions for experienced programmers.

  • What are the components in React? React components are the app’s parts, to put it simply. Technically, they are pieces of JSX code.
  • Does React.js support server side rendering or client-side rendering? React.js supports client-side rendering.
  • What is a callback function in React.js? A callback function is a tool to change the child component and prevent data loops.
  • What is the biggest technical challenge with React.js? Some developers consider JSX a challenge. JSX, in turn, is an extension syntax on the verge of JavaScript and HTML, but not all the React.js components should be written in JSX - sometimes JavaScript will be required. Another challenge is that in some cases, React.js documentation is difficult to go through either.

React.js experience interview questions to make sure the candidate fits your project

This is another important category of React.js advanced interview questions and answers since they allow you to make sure that the candidate fits your project from a business perspective. Here is what you can ask:

  • What is React.js good for? React. js is good for Single Page apps, Dynamic content apps, eCommerce websites, and projects with complex architecture striving for high performance.
  • What made your previous team choose React.js for the project you have worked on? Answering this question, the candidate is likely to highlight the main specific feature of the previous project, so be attentive - there is a chance the insight they share can fit your project as well.

 Answering this question, the candidate is likely to highlight the main specific feature of the previous project, so be attentive - there is a chance the insight they share can fit your project as well. After you are done with some general questions, get back to the candidate's portfolio and CV, make sure they have worked on the projects in your niche and then, ask more detailed questions about the candidate’s previous experience. For example:

  • Considering your portfolio, what was the most challenging project you have worked on? 
  • What made this project challenging? 
  • How did you handle the tasks you have faced?

Asking these questions, be attentive to the answers, as the developer may point out to both technical complications and pitfalls, as well as to the communication, culture, management, and environment in the team they have worked in. Their answers will give you a hint at what the candidate considers to be acceptable/unacceptable at the future workplace.

Basic React.js interview questions to verify soft skills and personal traits

After there is no doubt that the candidate has enough technical expertise, a deep understanding of the ways React.js benefits software development from a business standpoint, and a good level of experience, proceed with asking questions aimed at evaluating the soft skills and discovering the programmer's personal traits. Below are some ideas:

  • Are you a team or individual player? What made you choose such an approach?
  • What makes an environment in a team healthy?
  • Suggest a strategy to manage a disagreement in a team. Suggest a strategy to manage a disagreement in a team under the pressure of a deadline.
  • How can you evaluate your communication skills?
  • What values should a software project pursue to make you sincerely committed to it?
  • Do you prefer to work at home/in an office/other option?
  • What are you learning/reading now?

This list of questions can be continued. You are free to ask the ones you consider important for your project but don’t go too personal.

The most effective way to hire React.js developers

Hiring React.js developers seems to be the most intuitive option, still, this strategy isn’t always the most cost-effective and easy to implement. On the contrary, this is the most expensive approach to hiring tech talents, plus it obliges you with additional spendings and requirements you should be compliant with as an employer.

As a smarter option, you can consider outsourcing your software development. In its classical approach, outsourcing means hiring a remote team that can be either already gathered and ready to start, or gathered from scratch by the development vendor according to your project requirements. Both of the options can promise significant time and money savings, plus the opportunity to get started with the development process almost instantly, having no obligations except for those specified in the outsourcing contract.

Choose between team staffing and team extension

Software development outsourcing is pretty flexible, so, depending on your project specifics, requirements, and the talents you may probably already have, you can also consider such opportunities as team staffing and team extension. Both options are aimed at cutting costs and speeding up the start of the development process.

Team staffing means gathering a team of React.js developers from scratch, according to your project requirements, while team extension or scaling means strengthening the team you already have in-house with remote specialists. The latter tactic is perfect when you have to develop your solution at a rapid pace but face a shortage of hands.

Does the team scaling tactic suit your development project? Let us empower your team with our tech-savvy programmers!

Partner with a reliable React.js development vendor

If outsourcing your software development and hiring a React.js developers team remotely suits your project, the next step is to partner with a reliable development vendor. At this point, the right tactic is to research the companies in your outsourcing destination, shortlist the ones providing React.js development services, shortlist them one more time and cut those with no experience in your niche, and finally get in touch with the fitting companies.

A worth-partnering company will suggest the best team-gathering option for your project, taking into account your technical requirements, budget expectations, and timelines.


There are a lot of simple, mid-level, and advanced React.js interview questions you can ask your candidates. Still, make sure to ask them strategically and tailor each of the questions to your project requirements, plus make sure that the programmer is a good fit for your company considering their soft skills and personal traits. IT Master Soft can help you with team staffing and team extension so that you can avoid HR management tasks and related burdens.

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