IT Master Outstaffing Development Process

IT Master Soft makes it possible to work with the crème de la crème of Ukrainian developers. Let us uncover our established processes.
  • first touch
    First Touch
    We consider the scope
    of your project and
    define the main requirements.
  • search
    Resource Assignment
    We ensure
    our specialists are
    qualified for your project.
  • selection
    Candidate Selection
    You review our CVs
    and identify top candidates.
  • progress
    Team Onboarding
    Introduce your process
    to our developers.
  • community
    On-Demand Scaling
    We can provide more
    developers on-demand.

First Touch

During the first touch, the customer informs us about the basic needs of the company, the project scope, and the main candidate’s requirements. As a result, we understand how your business functions, what the expected result is, and what tech talent should be hired to fulfill the goal. 

Masters of effective time usage, we hire, we plan smart , we develop fast, so that your market meets you. You just have to identify your top candidates: skills, technology, qualification, work experience, etc  We consult you on the optimal team size and composition to ensure there is no burden and wastage of resources. The cost of the candidates’ work depends on the expertise and technology required.

Candidate Screening and Candidate Selection

We help you to concentrate your efforts on your projects, and not on backstage routine.

Internal Resource Assignment

Usually, we can cover customer’s requirements by our own means, our internal resources. We shortlist candidates and send you qualified CVs. After you approve the CVs of potential team members, we schedule interviews with the selected candidates. If an interview isn’t enough to make a final decision, the client can give test tasks to ensure the suitability of the candidate.

When you decide to hire any of the interviewed candidates, we sign a contract and start our cooperation up to 2 weeks after. We make sure that our developer fits your corporate culture, understands his role in the project, has all the accesses, and can use all the communication channels

External Resource Assignment

If we don't have a required fit on the bench inside our company, we will look for qualified candidates exclusively for you. You will get a perfectly-matching team member with the right type of expertise. This process usually takes up to 2 weeks.

We make the preliminary screening of the candidates: review CVs, make a  call for a soft skills assessment session, and assign interviews with our tech lead. While selection we keep in mind that the applicant and the nature of work must match. 

We send you relevant CVs of qualified candidates. After your feedback, we schedule interviews and together find the right person for the right job. If you decide to hire a suitable candidate and he accepts our job offer, we sign a contract. Our cooperation begins within 4 weeks. 

Team Onboarding

Introduce your process to our team during kickoff meeting.  It is the first meeting between you and the project team. The purpose of this meeting is to introduce the team, build a clear roadmap together, understand what success looks like, and agree on how to work together effectively. It is an opportunity to cooperate with no confusion or mismanaged expectations. 

If you don’t have a specialist to establish communications between all performers and make sure the project will be completed on time, we are happy to help you here too. We can offer you to hire a Project Manager or a Project Coordinator.

Project Manager works full time on your project and gives you the undivided attention.  Project Coordinator dedicates 2-5 hours a week to your project and provides you with constant updates and reports. Both these roles ensure that everything in the project works well. 

We adjust to your process and product on every new level and stay with it through every change. Our professional developers ensure performance and quality as well as adherence to industry standards. 

On-Demand Scaling 

We can provide more developers on-demand. Your business growth requires a scalable approach which we can master. We can scale your team to the extent you need.

Remote physically doesn't mean being remote culturally and mentally. We are masters of communication and experts of coding, we fit your internal culture and adopt your processes.

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