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There is a hidden potential inside of every Front-end developed by our team

It is not a secret, that modern world brings us unexpected situations and challenges we never experienced before. Under such circumstances we help you to have at least some things stable - the powerful front-end, which we proudly develop to give you an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Mixing engineering skills and the sense of beauty IT Master Soft front-end development team gives your customers an enjoyable journey into your web and mobile application.

Challenges modern business faces and how front-end solves them
  • Easy to use interface. Efficient user interface that is based on thorough study of user behavior. Only good user experience defines whether simple site visitors can be converted into customers.
  • Visual appearance. UI that will engage your users from the very first second. Our professional team creates clean, simple and attractive UI.
  • Smooth and beautiful user page interaction. Our well-designed user interface is capable not only to attract users but to hold their attention, make an action and create a strong bond between users and your company.
  • Page load speed. Interface is changing without page reload. We develop with user centric approach when we intent to implement a very complex logic to give user a better comfort.
  • Need of optimization. Our approach is constantly updated and adapted to new realities; front-end development that is always in trend.
Featured pluses of front-end development with IT Master Soft professionals
  • Libraries. A front-end library is a file of pre-written code.It allows the developer to save time and increase productivity. As a result time to market skyrockets due to a rapid development. Such approach is very useful for service apps if design is not a selling point, of course. E.g. a promising startup can just choose React Bootstrap or React Material with the already existing UI elements and test their idea as soon as possible. In case of customer tailored design we use React to add complex and unique logic for a project.
  • Security. The biggest load is on a backend,however front-end has certain measures to ensure security too. It Master Soft follows the best practices offered by FE frameworks. We keeping the FE constantly updated and don’t create gaps. We took all necessary preventive measures against cross-site scripting (XSS) or cross-site request forgery (CSRF) or any other types of attacks to build a secure frontend.
IT Master Best Practices to ensure your continuous business operations.
We stick to the “deeper knowledge - better usage” policy.
  • Reusable code. The front-end design should be divide cleverly to make it possible to reuse it. We implement logic and some basic framework we develop only one time, we configure the next data later in a way required.
  • Maintainability. We can easily apply changes in the current project, but also quickly add new features.
  • Adherence to standards. Clean code is one of our most important values.To meet JS development standards we use esLint or prettier. esLint.
  • Unit testing. It is definitely worth it to invest some time on writing tests to ensure high standards of products we deliver.


Give your amaizing UI an unlimited power with a front-end developed by IT Master Soft team.
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