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Every great software has its own secret component, mostly hidden in the back-end. What can be a secret in such technological area? The way we work and the know-how! Our IT Master Soft professionals work not only to give your product a tested high-quality code. We work to automate your routine tasks, we make working algorithms from your business needs. While developing a product, we do it with its further usage in mind. Hence we apply all necessary tests and use best practices to be 100% sure in your software reliability.

Challenges modern business faces and how back-end development solves them
  • Feature rich applications which are easy to use and to maintain. We offer our customers fast, up-to-date and well-established digital experience. In order to do so we adopt the best development practices: thorough research, advanced functionality, appropriate technology, responsive design, seamless navigation, meaningful and relevant user experience,timely updates etc.
  • The necessity for a software to be a real helper, which assist the business growth. Modern business have to have a back-end, which is capable of integration (integrations with legacy systems, import some functionality into your ERP (e.g.), flexible to integrate with various functionality).
  • Scalability. has now a tremendous impact on a company top-line, sometimes your business depends on a speed of your website in a split of a second.
  • Although security is here not at top of the list, it takes one of the most important places in users mind. The importance of digital security is growing every minute, and to protect their users companies are ready to go an extra mile for sure. Thus IT Master Soft professionals adherence to security standards is almost absolute. We check our back-end for security issues constantly, and code with the total understanding of it.
  • The once great working software, becomes slower and loses performance. This challenge is so massive, that it is worth an extra mention for sure. Our engineering team has a special know-how on how to deal with such type of products. Using best engineering practices, we can turn your old product into a modern, shiny and well performing solution. The best part? It will be easy to maintain and to update in the future.
  • Choice between a voluminous palette of technologies. IT Master Soft engineers are not only developing, but also consult regarding the technology and the framework to choose, to ensure your stable web - app performance and considering your future business growth.
Featured pluses of back-end development with IT Master Soft professionals
  • Maintainable Solution. We keep good coding practices in mind while developing software as poor quality software is hard to maintain. Readable and well-documented codebase is our goal throughout the development process.
  • Non-standard solutions to ensure performance and quality. We practically validated innovation policy - meaning we are not innovating to innovate, we implement innovative components, only if it brings real value to your top line.
  • Code Quality. It is one of our most important values as it impacts the overall project quality. Good clean code stands the test of time. We keep to Level 3 in the Institute for Software Quality Standards (IFSQ), the highest level defined by the association.
  • Adherence to industry standards. In a changing world of technical innovations we adopt the best practices and adjust them to invest in your business success.
  • Deep Relevant expertise. We make sure that our specialists are qualified and engaged at work. Every developer in our team is a Master of Computer Science and Math.
  • Risk Mitigation due to a transparent communication policy. Our expertise allows us to proactively acknowledge and accommodate risks.We have a strong multilevel interaction between the client and the team.
  • Stable result of cooperation. We keep everyone on the same page and manage clients expectations. Concise reports, transparent processes and established system of work ensures you that everything works well.
  • Microservices. They allow us to rapidly develop and modify new components of the application or software to meet changing business needs. Microservices based approach results in shorter development cycles.
IT Master Best Practices to ensure your continuous business operations.
  • We write code using SOLID principles to build software easier to maintain and easier to extend.
  • We use several reviews and only working tested software is released. No release without a test.
  • We write Unit Tests to make sure that code is working as expected.
  • We use SonarQube to ensure adherence to the coding standards.
  • We follow domain driven design approach to improve flexibility and to ease the creation of complex applications.
  • We carefully choose framework as it plays a significant role for your web solution performance.


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