Top 15+ Interview Questions and Answers for Hiring ASP.NET Developers

What ASP.NET developers should know and how can you prepare for a .NET developer interview? Read further to find out.

Posted by IT Master Soft Oct 12 | 2021

If you are going to power your future project with ASP.NET and hire your programmers in-house, interviewing them is the recruitment process stage you can’t skip. Interviewing your future ASP. NET developers will allow you to make sure the shortlisted candidates fit your project from the perspective of their technical knowledge, practical background, and personal match.

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How to interview ASP.NET developers in 3 stages

The process of candidate recruitment takes place in several stages. As mentioned, the process of candidate interviewing is one of the most important tasks since the interview results allow you to make sure the chosen candidates are tech-savvy enough to create your project, avoid possible pitfalls, risks, and extra costs, plus maintain your solution at such a development level that the users will have no complaints on its quality.

The process of ASP.NET developers’ interviewing consists of three stages, so let’s move step by step towards making effective hiring decisions.

Stage #1 - Preparing for an interview

Before proceeding with ASP.NET interview questions, you have to take some preparatory steps. Firstly, devote some time to understanding the technology itself and its specifics. Next, move on to preparing for the interview itself.

ASP.NET is a part of the Microsoft ecosystem; this is an open-source web development framework that allows for creating cross-platform apps. It can be a good choice for interactive and data-driven solutions.

  • Gather a pool of candidates. The simplest way to do it is to post your vacancy on local job boards and use LinkedIn to connect to the tech talents. Then, collect the candidate’s resumes and proceed with their analysis. After analysing all the CVs collected, shortlist your candidates.. You have to shortlist the job-seekers based on their hands-on experience and projects they have worked on.
  • Define how many developers you have to hire. Also, take a sober look at your project scope and determine how large your development team should be, as hiring employees in-house has a certain limitation - you can choose from the local tech pool only. That’s why you may face talent lack if your project requirements are pretty specific. However, it isn’t the reason to abandon or delay your application development. In the case of a local tech talent shortage, you can always extend your in-house team with remote developers.

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Stage #2 - Interview ASP.NET developers

Now, let’s move to the most important part of the interviewing process - candidate interview itself. To come up with a complete impression of the candidate’s knowledge, skills, background, expectations, and personal traits, it is better to divide the questions into three logical sections.

Technical questions on ASP.NET

Since the technical expertise of the candidate is the most important and decisive factor, it makes sense to start the conversation with an ASP.NET interview test and proceed with technical interview questions for an ASP.NET developer. Below are the must-ask ones:

  • What is ASP? ASP is an Active Server Page - the concept developed by Microsoft to allow the programmers create dynamic websites.
  • What is the difference between ASP. NET and .NET? .NET is a development platform, while ASP.NET is a framework.
  • What is a web.config file in ASP.NET? This is an XML file used to configure the website pages.
  • How does ASP.NET MVC work? MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern works in ASP.NET as follows: User interacts with the View, View alerts the Controller of a particular event, Controller updates the Model, Model alerts View that it has changed, View receives Model data and updates it.
  • What operating system ASP.NET applications are compatible with? Since ASP.NET apps are cross-platform, they are compatible with Linux, Windows, macOS, and Docker.
  • What are ASP.NET Web Pages? Do they differ from web forms? ASP.NET Web Pages is a dedicated framework allowing users to create dynamic websites. ASP.NET Web Forms are the platform supported by ASP.NET.
  • What are the best ASP.NET use cases? ASP.NET is mostly used to create cross-platform websites and services, plus dynamic content apps.
  • What limitations does the technology have and what can you suggest for overcoming them? This technology is expensive compared to other competitive tools, and sometimes it lacks security. The correct way to overcome these limitations is to carefully validate the core idea to use ASP.NET for the project.

Practical interview questions in ASP.NET

What questions should you ask a .NET developer to make sure their experience matches your project specifics and reusing their skills will be beneficial for your development process? Below are some ideas.

  • Review the candidate’s portfolio and highlight projects from the same industry as yours. Then, ask to briefly tell about each of them to catch the applicant’s background and make sure the candidate is well-versed in the industry.
  • Stop on the specific project from the portfolio and ask some questions in more detail. For example, you can ask the candidate to tell you about the project scope, timeline, task management tools used, the development methodology, and team collaboration practices.
  • Ask about challenges related to the project. Technical challenges the candidate knows how to overcome are the most valuable skills. Ask them to tell more about the project pitfalls and how they have overcome them. The answer to this question will also allow you to evaluate the candidate’s analytical, critical and creative thinking.
  • Ask about the failed projects, if any. Focusing on successful cases in the process of interview is important, but asking about failures also makes sense. Firstly, it will allow you to understand the candidate's experience even better, and secondly, this is an opportunity to find out how job-seekers cope with failures on a personal level.

Personal interview questions for ASP.NET developer

The best ASP.NET interview questions are those that cover not only technical knowledge and practical experience but that also allow you to get an impression of a candidate as a personality as well. Personal traits of your future developers are important for building a compatible and effective team that will work on your project in a healthy and collaborative environment. Here is what you should ask to make sure the candidate fits your company:

  • What were things you valued the most at your previous workplaces?
  • What, in your opinion, makes a development team effective?
  • What are the things the Team Lead should never do?
  • Have you ever explained the project’s errors to the customer? Share this experience, if you don’t mind.
  • What is the key to the project’s success, proceeding from your experience?

Stage #3 - Analyzing interview results

After you are done with ASP.NET programming questions and answers, it’s time to analyze the results. Indeed, the perfect-fit candidate should be excellent at a technical interview, they should have clear answers to those questions we have shortlisted and beyond. They should also have niche-relevant experience so that you can reuse specific expertise during your project development. Lastly, there should be cultural and personal fit, plus the candidate’s inner values should match your company’s core principles and ethics.

Is there an easier way to hire ASP.NET developers?

The hiring process of tech talents has never been easy. There are a lot of possible challenges to face and solve - starting with the talent shortage (even despite their seeming abundance) and ending with the personal fit. The process of hiring in-house can also be costly, especially for small and medium businesses, plus taking the right hiring decisions that will be paid off in the future requires experience, critical thinking, and sometimes even a sharp intuition.

So, is there an easier way to hire an ASP.NET developer? As an alternative strategy to hiring experts in-house, searching, shortlisting, interviewing and onboarding on your own, consider getting in touch with a remote and ready-made development team. Depending on your project goal and current need, you can either partner with a dedicated team hiring them from a development vendor, or let the latter assist you with scaling and extending your in-house team.

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IT Master Soft can help you with hiring ASP.NET developers as fast as possible, meeting your project scope, needs, timelines, budget, and requirements. We can suggest the best candidates we already have in our team, and perfectly match their individual skills with your project’s specifics. Depending on your business goals, you are welcome to outsource your software development in full or scale your in-house team with ASP.NET developers remotely. Both strategies are equally winning, as they allow for saving getting-started time and avoiding in-house hiring costs and pitfalls.


Sometimes, the process of hiring the necessary talents can significantly delay the development start. On average, it takes one month to close the vacancy, but considering the special skills and competencies some projects require, it can take even longer.

As for the process of ASP.NET developers interviewing, there are a lot of questions you have to ask, plus tailoring them to the candidate’s experience and your project specifics. To speed up the process of hiring and interviewing, consider hiring a dedicated development team or scaling your in-house one with remote programmers.

The skills of tech specialists IT Master Soft can source to your project are already validated, so these are the strategies to streamline the software creation, avoid overspending and access top talents perfectly tailored to your business needs.

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