ASP.NET Development in Ukraine - Your Opportunities Overview

Let’s make the right choice together, comparing the ASP.NET application development options and the ways to make it both cost-effective and result-focused.

Posted by IT Master Soft Nov 16 | 2021

Despite the huge market demands for tech professionals and the abundance of choices, hiring ASP.NET development talents is a little challenging. As the most important tip, you have to follow the right recruitment strategy that suits your business, choosing between hiring in-house, hiring freelancers, and ASP.NET development outsourcing.

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ASP.NET development outsourcing to Ukraine - facts, and numbers

ASP.NET isn’t the most popular technology chosen by modern projects. Still, the opportunity to tailor this tool to the web, mobile, and desktop development tasks attracts business owners and makes them consider ASP.NET as an option.

ASP.NET development in Ukraine can also be a winning idea since this outsourcing destination offers a perfect match between the strong tech expertise, engineering education, reasonable cost for the mobile and web development services, and large talent pool of ASP.NET developers.

How many ASP.NET developers are there in Ukraine? According to a LinkedIn search in “People”, there are 58,000 professionals in this field in Ukraine.

Most of the candidates have high education and real-life experience, which is confirmed in their profiles, and CVs. But let’s take a more detailed look at an ASP.NET developer portrait so that you have a clear idea of whom you’d want to hire.

Your ASP.NET developers - who are they?

There are several things that unite tech professionals from Ukraine. They are well educated, experienced working with European and American customers, they are mostly fluent in English, have good problem solving, critical thinking and, of course, code wiring skills. So, if we try to portrait an average ASP.NET developer from Ukraine, then, most likely, we will get the following profile:

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 25-35
  • City of residence: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, or Lviv
  • Education: High engineering education
  • Additional courses and certificates: Have at least one course/certificate issued
  • Experience: 5 years in average
  • English level: Advanced
  • Priorities when looking for a job: Growth and challenges, friendly team, no micromanagement, flexible schedule, above-average salary
  • Hobbies and interests: Self-development, sport, travel, innovations, literature

The average salary for an ASP.NET developer in Ukraine

How much does an ASP.NET developer make in Ukraine? And how does their salary correlate with one of their colleagues from other countries? Let’s have a brief look.

Surely, a junior ASP.NET developer’s salary is significantly lower regardless of the country you hire your developers in. But when hiring Junior developers, you should also keep in mind that assisting, controlling, and helping them will be the responsibility of your Team Lead, so make sure to compare all the pros and cons in advance.

So, as for the ASP.NET developer salary in Ukraine, hiring them from a financial standpoint is the most affordable option, compared to other opportunities. As for the final product quality, you can also be sure that Ukrainian developers will follow the best development practices to perfectly meet your expectations.

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How to hire an ASP.NET developer - 3 tactics to choose from

Hiring ASP.NET developers in Ukraine comes with several winning opportunities we’ve briefly discussed. What’s more, there are three strategies to hire your remote developers. Let’s explore them.

1. Hire freelancers

For the startups that support the remote development approach and strive for cost-cutting, hiring freelance ASP.NET developers can be an option. There is a global talent pool to choose from, plus you can find developers with niche experience when searching globally. As one more benefit, you can hire several developers, mixing the programmers from Ukraine and other countries to embrace cultural diversity.

On the other hand, too many choice options can lead to the harder candidate selection and significantly delay the beginning of the development process. Also, it is better not to expect your freelancers to be fully committed to your project only. Most of them are working on several projects at once, prioritizing those that are either higher-paying or putting forward more requirements. So, you have to develop a retention strategy as well.

2. Build R&D centers in Ukraine

For the projects striving for cost-cutting and accessing top expertise at once, an effective strategy is to hire ASP.NET developers for your research and development center based in Ukraine. It can be a winning tactic in the long run - in case you need a tech team to ongoingly develop your projects one by one. As for the benefits of this approach, R&D centers promise effective communication, transparency, and the ability of the team to quickly adapt to the market changes and development course tweaks.

On the other hand, establishing an R&D center and hiring the development team in-house means additional costs for recruiting, onboarding, maintenance, compliance, along with taxes, salaries, and other operational expenses.

3. Hire a dedicated team from an ASP.NET development company

As another option worth your attention, consider hiring ASP.NET developers from a software development vendor. This is the most effective strategy when it comes to balancing the costs, time to start the development, and the opportunity to access top tech talents from Ukraine.

There are also two different ways to partner with a development team vendor. As the first option, you can extend the tech team you already have in-house or in your R&D office. This is a winning idea if there is a need for extra help but no time to source new developers and test them.

But when you want to get a ready-made team of ASP.NET developers, consider hiring them according to the dedicated development model. In this case, your remote team will be fully manageable and controllable by you, being dedicated to your project solely.

But regardless of the strategy you choose for your project, you still have to interview your candidates to ensure the perfect match. Find out what interview questions you should ask to hire an ASP.NET developer in the most effective way.

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